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Overview: The Matrix Usage Model


The Matrix Virtual Disk
Safe, Advanced MatrixOS Deployment

On the Desktop, the Matrix is contained and operates from within a Virtual Disk. Every Matrix Disk Image includes the three primarty Matrix Applications: Collection, Plugin Apps and a Matrix Automation Robot.

The Matrix Virtual Disk supports encryption (with your own password), the ability to move your Matrix Data and full operating enviroment from one computer to another.

Your entire Matrix Virtual Disk can be safely transported over the Matrix Internet in its entirety for purposes of mobility, sharing, or backup.

The Matrix Internet OS
A Revolutionary Computing Environment

Mounting the Matrix Disk Image gives you immediate access to your Matrix OS. Matrix Collections represent all of your locally stored information (data) which can include native Matrix created info or information recieved from others.

The Matrix integrates with the Web and allows you to index your web links along with other legacy information.

The Matrix gives you access to an ever growing set of Matrix Plugin Apps to choose from as appropropriate to your computing needs/wants.

Collections: User Information Management
User Controlled and Safely Homed

Collections is your information stored safely and privately on your computer.

Collections gives you indexed access to any content type you wish to maintain. Keeping your content inside of Matrix Collections means that you have total control of your content, direct access to your content without any middle men getting in the way. And of course, Collections provides a secure and private solution to storing your information outside of mail servers and cluttered inboxes.

Personal Search Engine
Your content, your search terms

A search engine that's "all yours"! This means you can index your information and retrieve your information in the way natural to you.

You control what information is kept, how it is indexed, and who it comes from...

Matrix "AI Bots" (AI in this case stands for Automation and Intelligence) provide automatic indexing of data coming into your Collections from Trusted Sources. Untrusted sources have no way of accessing your Matrix based information.

Matrix Application Ecosystem
App Plugin Ecosystem Serving up endless Matrix Power

Matrix Plugins are applications that operate within the Matrix Operating Environment.

Plugins have access to the Matrix Internet Backbone and Matrix Super Routers. Plugins encapsulate modern information, security, and privacy algorithms for the user.

Users can pick and choose which Plugins they want. Plugins can be added and removed easily by the user. LARC releases new plugins on a continuous rolling basis/schedule.

Advanced Application Capabilities
Any Type, Any Size, Any Sensitivity, Any Sophistication

Matrix plugins vary in type and purpose. Plugins allow you to create all sorts of data and information resources.

Plugins allow you to manage your information, keep it clean, keep it protected and share/exchange it in various ways.

Plugins have exclusive access to the Matrix Super Router Internet Backbone which supports advanced privacy and security algorithms.

Full Information Control
Create, Index, Share, Publish, Archive, Enjoy

Information management on the Matrix is really without limit and will continue to evolve as more Plugins are released.

The Matrix is a sophisticated information browsing (management) platform and an equally advanced publishing/sharing system.

The Matrix exposes its strengths and functionality in an easy to use familiar user interface. Information navigation, management and consumption is only clicks away.

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