The Matrix Super Router™

Matrix Super Routers house the "Matrix backbone" which is utilized when data is in flight from one place to another. The Super Router is built a top of LARC's patented Dead Drop Network Architecture* that supports advanced secure and private network algorithms. LARC's publicly hosted Matrix is comprised of Super Routers hosted and operated from various secure hosting facilities.

Matrix Super Routers and Super Router Data Centers are not cloud technologies, and in fact, are quite the opposite of the cloud arhictecture. Super Routers, as the name implies, route information in very advanced ways and specificly do not store data long term. Super Routers work very hard to "repel" data using very innovative "safe data" algorithms for transport, storage, privacy, and security.

Matrix Super Routers do not aggregrate user data, allow any middle man access to user data, nor do super routers provide any kind of "account login" facilities. Super Routers along with their respective innovation, provide the most progressive data privacy technology in the industry.

Matrix Super Routers are distributed as combination hardware and Matrix Software systems. Super Routers differ in size, shape, and price depending on usage model for each respective Super Router. Super Routers can be utilized as Matrix Traffic Routers, Matrix Firewalls, Data Managment and Data Continuity Appliances.

Below is information on the current Matrix Super Router Product Lines with respective distribution and availability schedules as appropriate.

*For more detailed information regarding LARC's patented Dead Drop Network Architecture (DDN), DDN Data Algorithms, and DDN Encryption Algorythms please refer to LARC's technology white papers available on request at via Matrix Mail.

Spider Class: Super Router Device
For Residential and Small Business Deployment

Spiders are small footprint private storage devices that are Matrix enabled.

Spider units are eco friendly and have biodegradeable chassis and re-usable electronic components.

Spiders are designed with "storage miniturization" in mind.

Phantom Class: Super Router Appliance
For SMB and ISP Deployment

Matrix Super Router Appliances can be deployed privately within business networks or as public wire hosted services.

For pricing and provisioning information please contact

Beast Class: Super Router Data Center
For Government, Internet, and Enterprise Deployments

Matrix Super Router Data Centers (Clusters) can be deployed privately within corporate networks, within third party Internet DCs, or as a rack shim within a LARC hosting facility.

For pricing and provisioning information please contact

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